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Former Georgia woman says she bought half a house in Idaho

Special to SEGAZINE

A Treasure Valley woman bought a home in Nampa, only to find out later that she only owns half of it. She owns the front half of the property, while someone else owns the back half.

At age 76, Betty Galloway was looking to settle down in Nampa. She is retired and lives on Social Security. The widow and mother of five sold her home in Georgia, planning to use the money to buy a home here.

“I’d been looking around at homes that I could afford that I could pay outright for,” Galloway said.

In May, Galloway found 127 High Street in Nampa. It was repossessed in March of 2011, and then owned by Fannie Mae.

“My realtor, bless her heart, she sent the papers in the night of the 14th and Fannie Mae accepted them the morning of the 15th, and so then we closed at Pioneer Title,” said Galloway.

As far as she knew, the house was hers. Then, Kathy Meyers showed up at the front door.


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