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Women killed in ‘freak accident’ were best friends

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Family and friends of the two women killed Wednesday morning when a tree fell on their car say the victims lived their lives together and, tragically, died together.

Kaleigh Miller and Ashley Akra were killed when a tree fell on the car they were riding in on Blythe Island Highway.  The Georgia State Patrol called it freak accident.

“She was stronger than a tree and when I heard that, I just couldn’t believe it because she’s so strong,” said Kaleigh’s mother, Carla Miller.

Miller’s family says the two were inseparable.  Kaleigh’s older sister, Shelli Meyer, says they were two of the happiest people who everyone wanted to be around — young, vibrant and always smiling and making others smile.

“Her biggest fear was dying alone and she didn’t. I’m glad she went to heaven with her best friend,” said Shelli Meyer.  “God has to have touched it. It was right after she dropped off her middle child. God planned that specifically for that her and her best friend to come home together.”

Kaleigh leaves behind three children — 8-year-old Zand, 6-year-old Brandon and her 4-month-old baby girl, Kenzli.  Kaleigh’s mom, who is left with raising her three grandchildren, she says they are what’s holding her together during this difficult time.

“She would want me to take care of them. She would want me to make sure her babies are OK, because she had love for them and worked very hard for them,” said Carla Miller.

Miller says she sees Kaleigh in all three of the children, and she will never let them forget their mother.

“I just have to make her proud. These are her legacy, so just talk a lot about them, about her to them, to keep her alive in their eyes and memory,” Miller said.

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