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Vietnam soldier’s dog tags find their way home

Special to SEGAZINE

It is always nice when our belongings find their way back to us, but it’s almost miraculous when something finds its way back after we’ve given up or forgotten about it.

Fallon Weyant of Jesup recently got to play a crucial part in bringing back something sentimental to a family.

In June 2012, Fallon was searching on eBay for a birthday gift for his father, Charles Weyant of Fayetteville, N.C. He stumbled upon a seller in Vietnam who was selling U.S. dog tags that were found there. Fallon selected some to purchase that were in relatively good shape, and the tags were shipped to him in the mail.

He received the tags, which belonged to Elbert C. Kelly of the U.S. Air Force. Fallon’s father was an Army Ranger who served three tours in Vietnam, so Fallon thought of his father’s military service and determined that he would return the tags to their rightful owners if at all possible.

via The Press-Sentinel


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