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BOE ejects bus drivers from planning session Thursday

Special to SEGAZINE

The Brantley County Board of Education called law enforcement officials Thursday to control and remove about 30 bus drivers who showed up at a planning session to get answers about the resignation of former transportation department director Wiley Crews, who claims  school officials asked him to reinstate a driver he terminated for violating state laws.

“That’s why I resigned,” Crews said after the meeting.

Other drivers who gathered in the parking lot after they apparently were asked to leave the meeting said the bus driver in question seems to live a charmed life, avoiding any punitive action after failing to report an accident which occurred while kids were on the bus about a year ago and, more recently, repeatedly failing to apply the emergency air brake while kids loaded and unloaded  at bus stops, a violation of state law. Drivers said bus video may prove the violations, but members of the school board refuse to watch the recording.

Other drivers said they tried to be placed on the agenda to speak at the planning session, but were denied. Others said they asked to be placed on the  agenda for the regular meeting Monday but were also denied by officials who told them they don’t need to be on the agenda to speak as part of the public participation segment of the meeting, but those speakers are limited to five minutes each.

Three deputies and a Nahunta Police Department officer responded to the call at the school system’s central office about 6 p.m.

Read more in this week’s issue of the Enterprise, southeast Georgia’s favorite newspaper!

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