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BOE chair: No one was ejected or denied opportunity to speak

Special to SEGAZINE

Brantley County Board of Education chair Dot Hickox told the Enterprise today that no one was ejected from the work session Thursday but some were cautioned that if they continued to speak out of turn they would be asked to leave.

Hickox also said that no one was denied a chance to speak at the meeting, but that BOE policy does not allow for public participation at a work session. She confirmed that those who attended the work session Thursday could have their say during the public participation segment of the regular meeting Monday.

Public participation is limited to five minutes for each person, but that time may be limited even more depending on how many people ask to speak, also according to school board policy, Hickox said.

Law enforcement officers were requested to attend the meeting before it began after officials got word several bus drivers planned to attend, but when some of those drivers began to speak out of turn and no officers had arrived, Hickox said she had someone call and remind them.

But three deputies and one City of Nahunta police officer were a called to provide security in case of an outburst, not to eject anyone, she said.

Look for more on this story in the next issue of the Enterprise, southeast Georgia’s favorite newspaper!

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