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Opinion: Ligon has right string but wrong yoyo?

Special to SEGAZINE

“You’ve got the right string baby, but the wrong yo-yo.” The words to that old Carl Perkins song kept popping into my head as I read about efforts of state Sen. William Ligon, R-Brunswick, to ban the Common Core State Standards in Georgia.

He introduced Senate Bill 167 in the last days of this year’s legislative session, too late for it to be voted on. He is already pushing for it this January, as the new legislative session convenes. Ligon’s opposition to the Common Core standards is pretty much correct, in my view. The problem with Ligon’s proposition is that establishing or outlawing curriculum is not the legislature’s job. Every time the legislature wades into curriculum and standards, more problems than solutions result. We need look no further than last year’s HB 186 that set up “career pathways” to see what we get when the legislature tackles curriculum. Ugh.

Online Athens.

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