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BREAKING: Earthquake strikes parts of Georgia; Carolinas

Chris Buchanan

United States Geological Survey equipment in South Carolina has confirmed that the shakes felt in the last hour were an earthquake – or at least an event that caused significant seismic activity.

The 4.4 quake which seismographs are showing was centered about 20 miles east of Augusta in Edgefield South Carolina has been felt as far south as Savannah and as far west as Atlanta according to reports on the ground.

Brantley County native Thomas Johns confirmed, Friday night, that the quake was felt in Athens as well.

“The place was shaking and I didn’t even think anything of it,” he said. “I figured it was a train going by except we don’t have a train track near here.”

The University of Georgia student said that it was his dad that first questioned the unusual shake.  But it wasn’t until the two were informed of the quake that they realized what they had just felt.

According to USGS documentation, east coast quakes are typically mild compared to their west coast counterparts but are felt over a much wider area.  The quake was also shy of the record for the area of 5.1 that occurred in 1916.

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