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Local attorney arrested by Nahunta cop

Ken Buchanan

dan smithNahunta attorney Earl Dan Smith was arrested Friday for obstructing a police officer making a traffic stop in his private parking lot but his release has been ordered by magistrate judge Jeff Thomas before he got to the jail, accruing to police reports.

According to police reports, Nahunta City Police officer Kevin Yarbrough initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of U.S. Highway 84 and 301 and the driver pulled into the private parking lot owned by Smith, whose office is located there.

Yarbrough reported that Smith asked him to have the driver move to another place to continue the stop, to which the officer responded he had no control over where the driver pulled over.

Smith said that he did and again asked that the traffic stop be taken somewhere else, but Yarbrough refused and placed Smith under arrest and handcuffed him while he issued the traffic citation, after which he took Smith to the jail, but found that Smith’s release had already been arranged by Thomas apparently without any bail or court date, nay the handwritten annotation “Per Judge Jeff Thomas ordered his release.”

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