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Residents report snow flurries; nothing sticks

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It didn’t stick on the ground this weekend, but a brief mid-day snow did manage to stick in the minds of several Brantley County residents Sunday when the skies let loose a few flurries in an area that seldom sees any.

County residents primarily on the south and west sides of Brantley reported snowfall to accompany the low and windy 40 degree temperatures between about 10 a.m. and noon on Sunday with many, like Brenda Lichty-Steedley, reporting the rarity after they left church.

“We got out of church at Nahunta First Baptist at 11:30,” she said in a social media message to the Enterprise. “While we were walking to our vehicels we saw several snowflakes floating through the air. Some landed on our windshield. How exciting!”

The flakes were so small that others mistook them for something entirely different.

“We thought we saw some when we came out of church. I looked hard wanting to see it when we left Mt. Calvary Baptist Church,” Rhonda Smith said. “We went down the road and saw smoke from a fire the day before so I just assumed it was ash.”

Ciera Brown said that she’d just been baptized at the New Hope Fellowship Church when she saw the snow on her way home.

Others reported the snow off of Miles Still Road, Central Avenue, Gibbs Road as well as in downtown Hoboken and in the communities of Hickox and Bachlott.

“It looked like dipping dots on my front steps at about 11:15. It didn’t last long though,” Cindy Tomlinson said.

The snow comes on the heels of some of the most diverse record-setting weather in the area in years, with the most recent cold front being preceded by record winter heat. Meanwhile steady rains have brought on flooding of the Satilla and two “mud-days” where students couldn’t attend school due to road conditions.  Less than a week later parts of the county got the chance to see snow though only on a weekend and far from enough to cause another school closure.

The flurries, though rare, are more common than actual ground-covering downfalls the likes of which haven’t been seen in the area in over two decades.

As for the next week, temperatures are expected to gradually increase with highs in the upper 70s yet again by next Wednesday and a lack of rain until at least Tuesday will make more snow unlikely.

With that heat and rain comes an entirely different season that may stick around longer than Brantley’s little snowstorm, but the memories that the brief weather anomaly created for many of Brantley’s residents will likely remain much longer.

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