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Tom Baxter: Georgia for Dean vets celebrate the dawn of digital politics


“They still remember that brief and glorious moment when everything clicked. The campaign they worked on didn’t turn out the way they wanted it to in the end, but a decade later, they can say they were there at the dawn of a new political era.”

Charlie Harper: Nunn, the GOP and the middle
“The Democrats wasted no time as labeling her a centrist, with progressive Democrats seeking out social media to brand her as such at the same time the Georgia GOP was dispatching press releases declaring her “out-of-touch” with Georgia values and convictions. And thus, before the primary has even officially begun, the preview of a general election campaign has been signaled. There will be a fight for “the middle” in Georgia politics.”
Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Retired Waycross DA wants Gov. Deal to rescind appointment of his successor
Rick Currie says Bradley Collins is unqualified and that voters should decide the new DA in 2014.
Source: Georgia Times-Union

Jamie Dupree: Details of new Obama economic plan
“The White House moved to put meat on the bones today of President Obama’s effort to create new jobs for the middle class, rolling out a series of plans that include corporate tax reform, an increase in the minimum wage, investments in clean energy research, community colleges and increased spending for infrastructure projects.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Political Insider: GOP Senate candidates position themselves in Obamacare shutdown fight
“Conservative Republican U.S. senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and others kicked up a storm last week by threatening to vote “no” on any government spending bill that includes a dime for Obamacare.”
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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